Stitch is our Blue Great Dane and is available as a stud dog


Onyx is our Mantle Great Dane (Bitch)

Onyx - Mantle Great Dane
Stitch - Blue Great Dane dog

Blue Great Dane Puppies

Welcome to Kiajax Great Danes based in Teesside, North East of England, UK

We have owned, loved, and been drooled on by our Great Danes now for many years, but have been dog owners all our lives. Kiajax Great Danes currently have Harlequin, Blue and Mantle Great Danes.

If you wish to know more regarding future Blue Great Dane puppies for sale, Harlequin pups and Mantle Great Dane puppies for sale then drop us a line.

Our Danes are normally found in various parts of our garden lazing upside down enjoying the weather. Enjoy looking around our site!